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”People, nature - the relation between them is my greatest source of inspiration and can be found pretty much in all my work. The wild and the tamed. Why we, as the only species, alienate ourselves from our habitat and no longer feel part of it. I like to mix playfulness, colours and form with the seiousness and hardships of being a human being today. Women and children are often represented in my work. Women are in the front line of the climatefight, the peaceprotests, they dominate the care- professions and yet they live in the long and constant shadow of the patriarchal structures of society. Children represent the future wich we, adults of today, form and spread out by the feet of our children. The future that seams like one, big darkness in many angles. I want to honour the fight for the good that is right now, today: volatile little moments of harmony, curious encounters and the symbiosis that binds us together: people, plants, animals. I like to escape into these moments and I want to share that oppurtunity with others. Before they are gone.”

Julia Kabell

Julia Kabell is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator based in the woods of Unnaryd in Halland county. Apart from two years of studies at the art graphics- program at Östra Grevie folk school she is self educated and has had creation as a passion through her whole life. Julia primarily works in eggtempera, oil and graphite, but also use watercolour as well as digital means of expression.




Folkhemmet Unnaryd, Hylte Konst & Hantverksrunda 29-31/3
Skavböke skola 435, Hallands konstrunda 9-12/5

"Jag ser dig nu", Kiviks konsthall 17/7-11/8 

Persona Galleri, Kalmar 6-22/9


Ateljé Blocking, Tibro (solo) 24

Kiviks vintersalong, Kiviks Konsthall, (jury) 23

Hallands vårsalong, Hallands konstmuseum, (jury) 23

Flaménska Borås with artist Eva Fluur Jonson, (duo) 2023

Hylte Konst & Hantverksrunda, 2023

Malung Bibliotek (solo),  2023

Galleriet Forum (solo) Hyltebruk 2022

Folkets Hus (duo) with artist Elisabeth Dahlgren, Varberg 2022

Hallands Vårsalong (jury) Hallands konstmuseum 2022

Konstrundan Forum, Hylte, 2021 

Art of Living, 2019

POP UP Galleri Halmstad 2019

Hallands Vårsalong (jury) Mjellby konstmuseum, 2019

Hylte Konst och Hantverksrunda, 2014-2019

Nu Vi Här, Immanuelskyrkan, 2018

Galleri Underverket, Malmö 2016

Insikt Utsikt, Limhamns konsthall 2014

Dröm/Storm, Galleri S.t Gertruds i Malmö 2013


  • 2 years of studies at the Graphic & Art- program at Östra Grevies Folkschool

  • Working as a guide and a tutor in eggtempera- painting at Unnaryds Bonadsmuseum.

  • Freelancing illustrator and graphic designer



- Galleri Mats Bergman, digital gallery

- Halmstad municipality, oilpainting

- Malung- Sälens municipality, oilpainting

- Borås konstförening, oilpainting


- Varbergs konstklubb, oilpainting

- Halmstad municipality, oilpainting


  • Konst i Halland

  • Konstliv Halland

  • KC Väst

  • Hylte konst & hantverksrunda

  • Bildupphovsrätt Sverige

  • Illustratörcentrum


Julia was born and raised in the woods of the eastern outskirts of Halland county in southern Sweden. Coming from an outdoor and a 'cultural family', it's not strange that nature is a constant source of inspiration within her work. 

As a child whenever she was not out on a hike in the woods with her siblings, Julia was found at her desk with a pencil in her hand.

After many years of traveling Julia did two years at the art- graphic program at Östra Grevies Folkschool outside of Malmö. The studies were focused on learning different reproduction- techniques as well as finding your own personal imagery.

In 2015 Julia moved back to a house by the lake in the woods near Unnaryd, were she started her own firm as an illustrator and artist. Since then she has been taking commissions within visual communication parallel with working with her own practice.


Julia Kabell

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