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Folkhemmet Unnaryd, Hylte Konst & Hantverksrunda 29-31/3
Skavböke skola 435, Hallands konstrunda 9-12/5

"Jag ser dig nu", Kiviks konsthall 17/7-11/8 

Persona Galleri, Kalmar 6-22/9


Follow me at juliakabellart

polar meltdown experiment.jpg


Im a swedish based artist. I work in eggtempera and oil as my primary technique. My work is often a colourful mix of people and animals in a surreal encounter. My aim is to remind us that we are a part of nature and to create parallel realities for those who seek it. 


All my original paintings are also available as fine art prints signed and numbered by me in limited edition on German etching paper and/or photoposters. Ship within Sweden only (contact me for abroad shipping requests).



Find out more about me, my contact information, my artist statement, CV and upcoming exhibitions. 

Julia Kabell

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